Staff Structure :
  • Vehicle supervisor staff
  • Booking Section
  • Billing Section
  • Cash Section
  • Computer Section
  • Cleaner Section
  • Reception
  • Capable officers to deal with R.T.O and Police etc.
Contact Information :
Phone Number Mobile Number Email Address
040-69991459 9948599101

Manual of systems and procedures:


The division, over the years, has acquired a vast infrastructure in terms of big fleet of vehicles of various types to cater to the different needs to the client organizations. We have a well developed workshop/ garage to handle repairs and maintenance activities. The division is manned by highly trained, experienced and motivated personnel to handle all types of requirements.


Our workshop being a self sufficient one, has full-fledged facilities required for all types of maintenance and repairs. It has the necessary machinery and equipment to handle repairs on urgent basis and put the vehicles on the road. The workshop also has well stocked inventory of parts for all types of repairs. We have highly skilled and experienced workshop personnel who are available 24/7.

3.Attending to the enquiries:

Enquiries are received from clients requiring transport services and they are studied and evaluated by our expert group. The group after proper appraisal the group will submit the quotations to the client for their study and confirmation.

4.Study of routes:

A group of supervisors will study the routing prepared by the client and will take suggestions and modifications keeping in mind of the traffic restrictions and other rules. After this routing details with our recommendations are sent back to the client for their final acceptance.

5.Start of operation:

Once the final acceptance from the client is received a group of designated supervisors will be assigned to be at transport desk and the fleet of selected vehicles will be marched to the clients place. During this time the drivers are thoroughly briefed the special requirements of the clients to be met and their doubts and enquiries are answered for smooth running of the operations.

6.Implementation of the transport services

After the contract is signed all the departments concerned will be activated for appropriate action to beat the deadline.

7.Submission of bills

Bills are prepared as per the billing cycle time prescribed by the client and submitted to their accounts for scrutiny and processing of payment.

8.Procurement of vehicles

In addition to the large fleet of vehicles already available further requirements are assessed and actions taken to procure or for attachment of required number of vehicles. The required fleet of vehicles both in numbers and types is arranged and kept ready for starting of the operations.

9.Man power:

Man power requirements are thoroughly assessed for any additional number required and action is taken to recruit the same immediately. In fact the requirement of man power is a continuous process keeping in mind long range requirements and any possible attrition.

10. Training of drivers:

We recruit our drivers only after thoroughly assessing their capabilities, their past records and experiences. Subsequently after recruitment and training, they are put through the orientation program to confirm to our organization practices involving both internal and external faculties.

11.Training of supervisors:

Supervisors are put through a rigorous course of training program, so that they are well versed in transport facility management with particular reference to the needs of IT companies, call centers, etc.

12.Fitment of communication devices:

All our vehicles are suitably equipped with communication device such as mobile phones for easy and instant communication between the drivers and the help desk. The drivers are constantly monitored by the help desk so that they are on time and track at any given point of time during the pick up and drop.

13.Action during accidents and exigencies:

In case of an accident, a rescue team is rushed to the spot for immediate relief and rehabilitation of the injured. Simultaneously, relief vehicle is also sent to the spot for transporting the stranded passengers to their workstations.
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